Robot Waiters. The Complete Guide for Restaurant Owners

When people think of the future, they will often think of the depictions found in sci-fi movies – futuristic cities that are full of flying cars, fascinating technology, and robotic helpers. While we may not have flying cars, we certainly have increasingly interesting technology – and as for the robotic helpers, well you might be surprised to know they exist right now.

Robotic technology has been used in a broad range of industries – the industrial and manufacturing sector has been taking advantage of this technology for years. However, it’s only been in recent years that we’ve begun to see this technology being implemented in consumer businesses. A sector that is increasingly adopting this unique and useful technology is the restaurant industry. The last few years have seen an increasing number of restaurants using robot waiters in their venues. While it was the social distancing rules put into place during the Covid-19 pandemic that made many of these businesses pivot into implementing robot waiters, now that the dust has settled their ongoing use has proven to not only be an interesting attraction for their customers but an efficient and cost-saving measure for the business owners.

So What Are Robot Waiters?

Robot waiters are autonomous or semi-autonomous machines designed to serve food and beverages in a restaurant setting. These robots are equipped with sensors, cameras, and other advanced technologies to navigate through the restaurant to deliver food and drinks to customers.

The design and features of robot waiters can vary, but most of them have a tray or a platform to carry food and drinks. They can also be used to clear plates when customers have finished their meals. Some robot waiters even feature voice recognition technology that allows them to communicate with customers, creating a unique and personalised feel to the service.

Robot waiters are electrically powered and rechargeable, with G Robotics’ range of robots able to run for 8-12 hours depending on their workload. With their advanced technology, the robots can navigate around tables and crowds, even being able to detect if a person steps in front of their path without warning.

Robot waiters are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants because they can help to reduce the workload of human waitstaff, enhance the dining experience of customers, and provide a unique and futuristic ambience to the restaurant. They are also hygienic and contactless, which has proven to be particularly important over the past few years!

While there are still limitations to the capabilities of robot waiters, they have the potential to revolutionise New Zealand’s restaurant industry and G Robotics is leading the way!


What Type of Robot Waiters does G Robotics have on Offer?

G Robotics is the exclusive distributor of premium delivery robots in New Zealand. They have a range of models to offer.

PuduBot – An Intelligent Delivery Bot

The PuduBot from G Robotics is shaking up the robotics market due to its remarkably affordable pricepoint, Despite the lower price tag, G Robotics makes no concessions when it comes to features – the PuduBot still includes advanced obstacle avoidance technology with multiple sensors such as LIDAR, cameras,, RGBD and IMU. This means users can enjoy the benefits of a reliable autonomous robot, without spending a lot of money. The PuduBot’s sensors allow it to perceive obstacles in its path and adjust accordingly. This means it can autonomously navigate complex environments that other robots would have more difficulty navigating due to limited sensor capabilities. Additionally, this obstacle avoidance system has been designed with safety in mind – if an unexpected obstacle appears in its path it will slow down or stop altogether so as not to cause any harm to people or property. For those looking for a cost-effective alternative to more expensive robot waiters, the PaduBot from G Robotics is a perfect choice.

BellaBot – Premium Delivery Bot

BellaBot from G Robotics is a revolutionary new robot designed by Pudu to make running a restaurant easier than ever. Not only can it autonomously avoid obstacles, but it also has the capability to deliver orders from the kitchen to the table autonomously, freeing up your staff for other tasks and providing an efficient delivery service. It features an LED display for customer interaction, a touch sensor for user input, a combined delivery capacity of 40kg across 4 trays with independent suspension and 0.5 second reaction time, and most impressively- three RGBD cameras along with DualSlam and Omnidirectional avoidance technology. Moreover, leasing costs significantly less than hiring human staff. It has a removable battery that allows for an extended running time by being able to easily switch batteries at a charging station! With BellaBot you can rest assured knowing your restaurant will operate at maximum efficiency while providing customers with an unforgettable experience.

KettyBot – Delivery and Reception Bot with Ad Display

KettyBot is the ideal solution for busy restaurants, bars, and other establishments that need a reliable assistant to help customers find their seats. This compact, AI-driven robot has been designed to fit into complex and crowded environments with ease, providing an intuitive customer experience. With its custom ad display, voice interaction capabilities, and streamlined design featuring a removable rear cover for easy access and maintenance, KettyBot is sure to make an impression on your customers. 

Equipped with autonomous path planning technology and dual navigation solutions such as laser sensing and visual tracking, KettyBot can lead customers to their tables in the most efficient way possible while avoiding any obstacles along the way. To further enhance safety measures and ensure the smooth operation of the robot, it has been designed to alert users when its battery is running low so they can return it easily to its docking station before it runs out of juice. 

All in all, KettyBot not only looks great but also works great! It offers convenience without compromising on safety or quality — a must-have for any establishment that values customer satisfaction above all else.

HolaBot – A Delivery Robot with Pager and Notification Functions

HolaBot has an ultra-large capacity of carrying up to 60Kg and a total 120L volume across 4 large-capacity trays, making it possible to deliver more food or supplies in one go. HolaBot is also equipped with a powerful voice control module and a 6-array omnidirectional microphone for “Hola Hola” voice recognition and real-time sound source location, allowing for a seamless transition from takeout orders to delivery. This feature further helps to save time by providing customers with the convenience of ordering without having to go through a lengthy checkout process. Furthermore, HolaBot can be paged at any time for tasks, thus boosting turnaround efficiency in restaurants. Ultimately, this advanced delivery robot is taking the restaurant industry into the future and providing customers with increased efficiency and convenience.

What's The Cost of a Robot Waiter From G Robotics?

With this incredibly advanced technology, you might assume that the cost to implement a robot waiter is quite high. You’ll be surprised to find out that G Robotics has made sure that the financial barrier to entry is low – in fact, the cost for a robotic waiter is going to be equivalent to 2 or 3 hours of staff wages per day. Considering in the past the only way to reduce the burden on your employees was to hire more staff, a robotic waiter can be an extremely efficient and cost-saving measure to automate your restaurant.

G Robotics offers 3 different ways of paying for a robot waiter.

  1. Rent – Try – Buy: A rental agreement over 12 months providing flexible options at the end of your rental term. Once your rental term is up, you can choose to extend your lease, purchase the robot, upgrade the robot, or return it. The cost ranges from  $30-48 + GST per day depending on the model of the robot waiter.
  2. Lease-to-keep: A hire purchase agreement over 2-4 years. At the end of the term, you own the robot! The cost to lease to purchase ranges from  $27-$48 + GST depending on the model of your robot waiter and the length of your term.
  3. Outright purchase: Purchase and own the robot. The price to own a robot waiter ranges from $16,500 – $26,500 + GST depending on the model.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Robot Waiter?

The use of robot waiters in restaurants is an innovative solution that can bring several advantages. Robot waiters can deliver orders faster and more accurately than human waitstaff, increasing throughput and providing consistency in the quality of service. They are also contactless, which encourages hygiene and safety by reducing the risk of spreading germs between customers and staff. Finally, robot waiters add a unique novelty to a restaurant, creating an interesting atmosphere for customers. 

Despite these advantages, there are some limitations to using robot waiters in restaurants. Robot waiters have limited capabilities compared to human staff; and while they are able to deliver orders, the current lineup from G Robotics cannot take orders. And as with any technology, while the robot waiters are designed with quality and usability in mind, there is the risk of unexpected errors occurring with either the software or the hardware. However, with continuous improvements in technology over time, it is expected that these disadvantages will become less prominent as robots become more advanced and sophisticated. Ultimately, the use of robot waiters offers several benefits that outweigh their current limitations; increased efficiency and accuracy in delivery times coupled with improved hygiene and safety make them a viable option for restaurants seeking better quality service.

How Do I Choose a Robot Waiter to Implement into My Restaurant Daily Workflow?

When selecting a robot waiter to implement into your daily workflow, there are several features and capabilities you should consider. Firstly, the size of your restaurant will determine which model is most suitable for you; if you have a large seating capacity, then opting for a larger model of a robot waiter may be more beneficial than a smaller one. Additionally, make sure you familiarise yourself with the features of each model to ensure it meets your needs; for example, is the ad display on KettyBot useful for your venue? Or does HolaBot’s increased carry capacity and pager function work better for your operations? Finally, ask questions on maintenance and customer support from G Robotics – they are always happy to assist you in selecting the right robot waiter for your restaurant.

Are Robot Waiters The Future?

Yes! Robot waiters offer incredible insight into the future of the restaurant industry. While human service is always going to play a major role in the dining experience, robot waiters offer an opportunity to automate and streamline repetitive tasks for a low cost, leaving your staff to focus on what they do best – customer service. The future landscape of the hospitality industry is very likely to be a synergistic blend of technology and a human touch, with robot waiters playing an increasingly important role. Overall, robot waiters are an excellent investment for any restaurant looking to increase efficiency, improve customer service and gain a competitive edge in the market.

G Robotics are New Zealand's Leading Supplier of Robotic Waiters in New Zealand

G Robotics is the leading supplier of robotic waiters in New Zealand, providing a wide range of models to suit any restaurant size or budget. With their Rent-Try-Buy and Lease-to-Keep financing options, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to begin automating your restaurant with robot waiters. For more information, get in contact with the team at G Robotics today!

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